Boston University

Computer Science & Neuroscience double major, BASep 2012 — Jun 2017

Initially, as a Neuroscience student, I became interested in the applications of data and technology. This led me to extend my studies to Computer Science with a coursework focused on data-science.


Kostas Papadopoulos Monoprosopi IKE

Software Engineer & AdministratorMay 2020 — Present

Kostas Papadopoulos Monoprosopi IKE is a privae company that offers software engineerng services.

Proton AI

Head of Client IntegrationsMarch 2019 — April 2020

Proton AI is a B2B startup that offers an AI-driven sales platform for distributors
My responsibilities included leading the engineer related to client projects and integrations.

Infinite Analytics

Data Scientist & Software EngineerMarch 2018 — March 2019

Infinite Analytics is a B2B startup that offers search and recommendation solutions to e-commerce companies (used by Kate Spade, B2W among others.)
My responsibilities included leading the development of a new product, owning company projects with clients and improving search and recommendation for the core product.

Infinite Analytics

Data Scientist & Software Engineer InternAugust 2017 — March 2018

After joining the team at I.A. I was involved with developing recommendation engines, analyzing multidimentional marketing data and developing a distributed crawler.

StratoDem Analytics

Data Scientist & Software Engineer InternJun 2016 — Aug 2016

I was a summer intern at StratoDem, a real-estate consulting startup that uses demographic data to build predictive solutions for investors and businesses. I worked in a team of analysts, utilizing data-mining tools to build predictive models for real estate and government data.

During my stay, I developed Stratplotlib, a python tool that provided the team with an easy way to create maps and visualize their geospatial data.
An example use-case is provided below.

BIDMC, Research in Department of Neuroscience

Research AssistantJun 2016 — Aug 2016

This was my first ecounter with programming in the workplace. As a research assistant, I was responsible to manually analyze videos for neuroscience research. I saw room for improvement and wrote python automations that yielded signficant increases in analysis speed. The research article recently got published in "Neuropsychopharmacology"


Music Publishing "MTonomy"

music licensing, smart contracts2018

Volunteering at an MIT startup that is building a new media infrastructure for publishing music content.

Classifying the vulnerability of docker containers​

agile, python, docker, elasticSearch2016

Worked in a team of engineers to develop a tool that finds suspicious code in docker images. Intended for use in data centers, the tool works by mining security data from containers and then uses similarity matching to find malicious code snippets in the file binaries. (Mentored by IBM)

Visualizing the tech world

python, networkX, Gephi, webscraping2016

How do programming languages relate to one another?
As a confused student in school I decided to answer my question by constructing a network of keywords from the popular tech forum The more often a tag appears with another, the stronger the connection between two tags become.

I thought that would provide an organic result due to its importance in the tech community.

Making a connection out of 1 post would look something like the above.
With a few million posts, I was able to get a much more descriptive visualization (below).